Most frequent questions and answers

No subscription fee, no monthly fee to pay when vendor open an account to koulbox. Koulbox takes only 10% on completed sale.

To set up shipping price you must go on your

– Dashboard

– Settings

– Shipping

– Click edit to the zone name you want to ship products

– Click on add a shipping method

– Select a shipping method

  • Flat rate
  • Local pickup
  • Free shipping

NB: For add the shipping price you must choose flat rate

– After select the flat rate, click on edit

– Add your shipping price in the cost space and save it

A payment gateway is one thing that can make customer trust or not an e-commerce website. As payment gateway we have choose PayPal for  international people and Moncash for people living in Haiti.

For more security and facility koulbox team choose to pay vendor by using PayPal.

Yes anyone can buy and sell on koulbox.