Fun Edition, an e-publishing house not like the others.

Fun Edition, is an independent publishing house created in 2012. the team defends a literature of precision and concision (that is to say, without superfluity). Aimed at an audience of young readers (old teenagers or young adults), their sphere of publication is quite varied (poetry, Novel, Heroic fantasy, Science fiction, Art catalog, essay and any other ambitious and original project.

Fun Edition is committed to giving new authors a chance to embark on this great literary adventure.

Attaching importance to the quality of the text, she takes great care of the book as an object and calls on many artists (painters, illustrators, graphic designer) for the covers which must reflect the atmosphere of the book.

To publish with them, you need

• a manuscript of 50 to 200 pages.

• send the manuscript by email.

Then they will contact you by email to inform you of the necessary follow-up.

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